What is your design style?

Here is a quiz I stumbled upon today that explores your design style. My results came back as Scandinavian Minimalist. Interesting. I always knew my Norwegian roots were strong (uffda!) and I think Nick’s bent towards modern architecture and design is slowly rubbing off on me. And I do like to keep it simple - although this is easier said than done!

Here are my results:

IKEA Design Style

Click here to take the 9-question quiz. I’d love to hear your results!


  1. I was Scandinavian Modern.
    Very interesting! Between you, me, and Nick we've got the Scandinavian/minimalist/modern part covered. Now what to do with all this style........

  2. Scandinavian Industrial...Let's Pair-Up!

  3. Country Minimalist: 40% Scandinavian, 60% Country. Looks like too much hokey country goin' on out here.

  4. I'm Scandinavian Minimalist too. :-)


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