Garage in a Day

Last Saturday was a good day – a garage day! We enclosed our carport to make it a more functional (and secure) space. With the help of Nick’s dad, mom, and bro we got it done – well almost. Garage door will be in place next week.



Prep work: About a month ago, Nick and I poured the remaining concrete pad and stem wall. (When we bought the house, only part the carport pad was concrete, the other half dirt.) So we did this on a nice cool day – mixing one bag of Quikrete at a time totaling 72 (80lb.) bags. Yes seventy-two!

Starred Photos2

 Garage party: Here are some pics of the day. Thanks crew for your wonderful help!

Starred Photos1

Starred Photos3



  1. It was a fun day!! Your garage turned out awesome. I'm excited for the new garage door. You two have done a super job fixing up your home. Nice work. :)

  2. Wow! I love this! I am so impressed at the team effort with a beautiful result. Love the morning pre-garage shot and the fantastic sunset garage-done shot. Great job!

  3. Hey, I also notice the Bad Tree is gone. Looks good!


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