Laundry Room remodel and summer dreams


As you know, we have been working on our basement. Our goal is to get done down there before the nice weather starts. Because this summer we would really like to:

Work less on the house, be outside more, help friends and family out more, have more croquet-BQ’s, go backpacking, eat more veggies, rides bikes, save more, and basically have a simple and enjoyable summer

(I feel like this list almost resembles my sister’s “25 hours in a day”…except I would call it “3 months of summer – it goes by fast so make the most of it”

So here’s a picture update on the Laundry Room:





Don’t mind the laundry in the baskets…we are real humans with dirty clothes. But I was going to mention that we would love to install cabinets and a countertop right there. We’re scouting for a used large stainless steel single bin sink right now and are saving up for cabinets, etc. Possibly making a mini-kitchenette for guests that need a place to stay for a few months (missionaries, etc.) But I am just so excited to have this space almost complete!

But in the meantime, we are framing other parts of the basement and hope to cinch things up down there in the next few week so we can enjoy the above mentioned list of summer activities.

Still wondering what a croquet-BQ is? Here’s some insight:


And yes…he is eating a raw beet.