Tucked Away

Imagine climbing the hill and standing at the top of the cliff. Or sledding down it in the winter. Or fishing off the edge. Wow! I am in awe of God’s beautiful creation and landscapes! What a neat little home nesting place. Can I go visit?

Iceland house

::via pixdaus


Spices and Felt

Found some other unique ideas for organizing spices:

Test Tube Spices

Test Tube Spices 3

::via www.apartmenttherapy.com

And felting:

Felt Cushions

::via www.designspongeonline.com

Custom Graphics Land

I have the coolest sister ever. She just surprised me with a new header for my blog! I love it! I’ve now just graduated from “default pre-made header land” to “custom graphics land”.


 This next image is pretty special too. It was an exercise for one of her graphic design classes focusing on a family member. Focus: hand drawn, up/down and side/side strokes, serif font, decorative title font capturing character of person, etc.

Grandpa Al. I love how it captures his character and personality with the simple descriptors and fun art style. Love it!

Mary, thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work!


::DOA – Descendant of Al


Felt Furniture

Really? I never thought one might use wool felt in home decor and furnishings. Interesting…

Felt Furniture ::via www.keeseh.com

By the way – this is a cool place that does all sorts of experiments with materials. I like.

And here highlights a supplier of the thickest felt you can imagine.