Moustache May and more

My sister is quite hilarious, interesting, and sweet. Topped with a bit of sarcasm and wrapped in random - this girl makes me laugh! She surprised me the other day with a few hilarious posts:

Moustache May (enough said – you’ll just have to go check it out and you may actually learn something about – yes – moustaches and their connection to May.)

Copyright 2010 Mary Meccage

*This actually was my dear husband in May – Naaa! I hope he doesn’t grow one next year!*

Chairs. Highlighting the “Grandma Chair” with a digital twist.

And a “charming” portrait of me to match my hubby’s moustache pic. Wow – what a weird couple you must be thinking. You may or may not be correct.


  1. I know - isn't Mary just awesome! It's funny what happens when creativity hits. I'm excited to see more of her work so I can keep writing about her. Hey, by the way: How is soap making going? Can I write about you?


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