Sewing Meets Woodworking

(This is for you, Ma. Now you can see what we've been up to!)

Project Day...woohoo!

Wood Curls

I am amazed by wood curls.
Beautiful ribbons of wood peeled off by hand planes.

It seems so wrong to throw these curls away.
There has to be a use for them.
Maybe to make paper?
Any ideas?

Sewing Meets Woodworking...

Making a coat rack out of ash wood.
Then I'll ebonize it.

(We've been reading about ebonizing wood. Very interesting chemical reaction done in the wood grain. Gathering supplies - will ebonize soon!)

I found that a sewing gauge and ruler are handy tools for placing hooks the same distance apart. Kinda like you would with buttons on a shirt.

I've decided sewing and woodworking are friends.

Hickory Table

Here is Nick's rendering for the design of the table:

I'm excited for it!

Table top - hickory
Legs - ebonized ash
Shelf - all-thread & recycled perforated aluminum
TV - to be determined...

Ice cream sandwiches - great way to end the day!


  1. Aww! This is so cute! I love the use of your sewing tools on the coat rack. It makes perfect sense. Is this your first official wood project, Hanna? The table looks like it will be a very nice one, very stylish. And the ice cream sandwiches ... perfect. As for the wood curls, how about giving them to some needy trees as mulch or protection for the winter?

  2. Hanna, I'm just flabbergasted at all you do. My creative urges are starting to work up again, but I know I'll never get around to them. Keep on keeping on. Love you both. Grandma


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