Project Day

I am excited for our next Project Day. It is a day (or a part of the day) that my hubby and I set aside to work together in our small garage on projects. It is a fun time to get covered in sawdust and just talk/dream about life and future projects.

As of late, he has been building a small wall table for our living room out of hickory. It is exciting to see the project come to life! I shall post pictures soon.

And I painted a bunch of picture frames black. Now I just need to find some art/photos to put in them. Does anyone know of a good graphic design student that drew a sweet picture of a mouse and takes amazing photos that would let me check out her selection? :)

I stumbled across this bench online today. Pretty interesting. This is what happens when you combine food with woodworking!


Have I mentioned that I love cooking with garlic? It is in almost everything I make. We talked last night about making a chair out of fiberglass molded around Styrofoam, then buffed and painted (either olive green, black, yellow, or red). The shape of the chair would be round I think, kinda like a bowl. Kinda like a head of garlic. hmm....Sounds fun!

Here are a few more interesting pieces I found today on Carpenters Workshop Gallery:



  1. Also, we build lamps because the lamps we want cost very much...lamp above, $2600.00. Lamp above built in garage, priceless.

  2. I have a sweet memory of driving up to your garage in Billings to find you two sitting in there working on your projects. You should post a picture for us of your garage setting where those dreams and designs are percolating (like good coffee).


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