Wood Curls

Remember my question: "What to do with wood curls?"

I think I found an answer! (Well, actually Nick found it on a blog called Contemporist...)

Yoav Avinoam takes sawdust and combines it with resin. Then, he presses it into a mold with the other object parts to make furniture! What a great idea to take a woodworking waste product (sawdust or wood curls) and make it into something useful and useable.

His products are made from sawdust and are very interesting. I imagine using wood curls instead could create some really interesting effects too.

Here are a few of his pieces:

Shavings Stool

To see the process, visit this link. Enjoy!


  1. Hanna! You're blog looks great! It will be fun to read through it- I should dig out my quilt books for you to borrow, it will be quite a few years before I do that again I think!


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