Window and Door Replacement

Last winter, our patio door and front window leaked in quite a bit of cold air and had a lot of moisture damage and rot. Our heat bill and our chill factor said we need to replace these both before next winter.

So, here goes!

Nick worked with a rep from his office to get a custom size for the front living room window. We ended up going with vinyl for this one to cut costs, while still accomplishing a good looking window that seals well. We changed the layout of the panes because with the old one, the pane divider was right at eye-level as you sat on a couch to look out. (We like looking outside – and it blocked the street view!)

The patio door was in their “garage sale” pile for quite a discount as it was previously custom-ordered for someone, then turned down. It is not as big as our last one, but much sturdier and built well. Metal clad exterior and wood interior. I love it!

Front window and siding:

IMG_2575IMG_2593 IMG_2600 IMG_2634

Just gotta throw in a pic of our garage sale bikes!

IMG_2636 IMG_2701IMG_2714IMG_2730

We had extra fiber-cement siding from the garage project to wrap it around up to the brick wall. Eventually – we’ll reside the whole house. But small bites at a time!

I’m really excited about the natural wood around the door! Nick cut the boards to make it ship-lapped. (Similar to a tongue and groove, but not quite.) The wood adds a lot of warmth to the entry along with updated numbers and a locking mailbox. Woohoo!

As for the patio door…lacking many pictures. We replaced this right after playing bball at the Big Sky State Games – we were all exhausted and starving for dinner!


  1. You guys are doing a really wonderful job!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I can't wait until it is all finished. Trying to decide on exterior light and what color to paint the fiber-cement siding. Any thoughts? Any inspiration?

  3. Hanna, you and Nick have done a remarkable job of giving your house new life. I am so impressed I could shout it out to everyone, but I don't want to annoy people! So, I'll just do it here: YOU GUYS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!

  4. I notice the wood around the door when I was there the other day- It does add warmth, very nice!!

  5. Looks like both of you are doing it great. It's good that you still have time to fix your house. Some people are too busy with work that's why they just leave it to the experts of window and door replacement which is just a click away for inquiries and quotation.

  6. Sorry to say nick Hanna is more smarter than you in this.


  7. You have a very beautiful home and the replacement you had made in the window and door makes it even more beautiful. The wood around the door definitely gave it a welcoming atmosphere to the house. Well done, guys!


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