Big Sky State Games

Last weekend my sis came down for the Big Sky State Games. We we played on a women’s basketball team. It was sure fun! It has been years since I’ve played “organized” bball – where we all somewhat matched and had referees to call the fouls. (And yes they did call em tight – just ask Mary about fouling out!)

Right before our first game, we found out we needed to have a jersey with a number on it. Hmm…no numbered jersey in my closet – except my old Lacrosse uniform. So, I thought I would just tape a number on a grey tank top.

Then, Nick said, “Why don’t you just sew a number on?”

Sure, why not? So I did…


However, at the game – someone found matching jerseys so I didn’t even need to wear my number tank. Sure glad I made it permanent!

So…now what do I do with a numbered shirt? Maybe I can number all my clothes! One for each day of the week. This is now my “Saturday shirt”. Only available to wear on the 7th day of the week. Ha!


Here, I’m up for a free throw. Nice break time from burning lungs. Question is – did it go in?

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  1. Sounds like it was a fun weekend, #7. Glad you were able to get together with the girls. Just like the good ole days, right? You, MVP, you.


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