The Peninsula

Here’s another peek back into the blur of home remodel in November. We wanted to open up the connection between the living room and kitchen. It’s not completely finished, but that will come in good time.

To finish: Maple butcher block countertop (or possibly concrete). Stools to perch on. Three light pendants light to brighten it up.

1. Before


2. Nick’s proposed rendering before we bought the house. (To convince me it would work…)

16 copy

3. New header on the structural wall opening.


4. Sheetrock time.


5. 90% finished!



  1. Don't mind the paint oops in the corner. I keep forgetting to go fix it!

  2. The difference between the "before" picture and the "90% finished" picture is amazing! I am very interested to see the possible development of a concrete countertop. You and Nick have some great ideas. It's fun watching the house metamorphose into something beautiful.

  3. That couch in the living room looks amazing, I love how it looks as if it is going to get up and walk out if you make it mad.

    great post!

  4. beautiful change! Its like a different house!


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