Dirty Gumbo

This weekend was lovely. It was productive and relaxing. Here are a few pics of what went down.

Nick working on a bathroom vanity. Sure is coming along!



Bread baking. I haven’t baked a hearty loaf of bread in a while. My mom shared a recipe for “Sunflower Seed and Honey Wheat Bread”. It was yummy! Served it with what we now call “Dirty Gumbo”. Nick started calling it that because the gist of the gumbo was a roux (olive oil and whole wheat flour mixture) that simmers and slowly turns a deep mahogany color. It interestingly develops a unique flavor, but looks dirty. Some daring friends joined us in the “Dirty Gumbo” dinner. No one died.


Actually one thing did die. My favorite cookbook.

IMG_8858 IMG_8859

I’m sure you can guess what happened.

Cookbook resting. Flat stove. Wrong burner on. Cookbook on fire. Hanna sad. Chicken burning too. Fire out. Chicken saved. Hanna happy. Cookbook stinky. Oh the joy of cooking…




  1. I love your photography! Can't wait to see the new vanity! Love baking bread and that recipe sounds interesting.
    And I am so so sorry about your cookbook. How sad! I've had stove accidents too but turning on the wrong burner. Once I meltet the bottom of an empty frying pan (my new one of course), broke a plate in half b/c I'd left it on the burner, and also burned a cookbook. Unfortunatly it wasn't mine. I burned the corner off Peggy's favorite jello salad cookbook. I guess that's the danger of turning your daughter-in-law loose in your kitchen

  2. Thanks for sharing your burning/cooking stories. Glad to know I'm not alone!

  3. Your cookbook has a painful looking injury, but I am sure it has many years of usefulness ahead of it. Love the new post! Next time how about a picture of the Dirty Gumbo and a recipe? Sounds interesting!

  4. I'll sure try to take a picture next time (in between smoke and roux). :) Have you cooked anything crazy lately?

  5. Uh ... yeah! A soup made in the pressure cooker: Kidney beans and navy beans with salt, papper, onion, and finely diced garlic added afterward. It was pretty good, I must say.


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