What we’ve been up to…

As you recall, Nick is slowly recovering from a broken leg. He is now bumbling around with a cane and is getting along quite well! We joined the local YMCA to help with getting his leg working normally again. That has been great for us and we are looking forward to the playing squash again someday! I’ve started meeting friends for Pilates over my lunch hour – what a killer core workout and a energizing break in a busy work day.

So after taking a few months off from house projects, we recently jumped back in. We finished the basement bathroom – (remember the one we plumbed last summer?) All that was left was a little drywall, tiling, and installing the fixtures. Feels great to have it checked off the list! Here are a few pics of our new guest bathroom:






A story about the tile: The challenge was not so much the tiling, but rather finding a grey tile for a great price. One tile shop said, “Grey is a specialty color. We usually don’t stock it.” What! A specialty color? Interesting because all they had was beige… Whelp. It pays to shop around and be patient because we did find a “specialty” grey in our price range.



Yes! It is just about ready – just need to put up a shower curtain, towels, etc. So…who will be our first guest?

Coming up next: The Laundry/Utility Room



  1. I will! I will be your first guest! You and Nick have done a great job, Hanna. The workmanship is excellent. I'm looking forward to your progress in the laundry area.

  2. I love your house and all the remodeling you have done. Cody and I finally bought our first house a couple of months ago and will start finishing the basement soon too. We need to get together again for coffee soon, or when tax season ends for you.



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