National Pie Day observed

Thanks to my friend Rachel of Rachel’s Cooking, I learned that Sunday was National Pie Day! So I made a delightful cherry pie in honor of the holiday. (Cherries picked from our friend S & L’s cherry tree.)

No pictures of the cherry pie – we dug into it too fast. But here are a few other pies I made last week. The “house” pie, was for Nick’s every other Tuesday lunch at work where they discuss crazy architecture ideas. And then I made us a N & H pie! Yum!

At our wedding, (almost 4 years ago!) we had pie instead of cake. All the neighbor ladies brought homemade fruit pie over for a grand total of 40 pies! My oh my! It was wonderful!

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  1. YUM! Cute pies! And I love the idea of pie instead of cake for a wedding- how delicious!


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