Portland Trip

Last weekend, we ventured to the beautiful city of Portland. It was so lush and green there! Accompanied by great places to eat, stellar coffee, and a morning on the Oregon coast – it was a fantastic trip. We were able to see old friends and family along the way. Some friends we last saw exactly one year ago to the weekend when we were driving through with a U-Haul moving from Seattle to Montana. A year goes by way to fast.

I was hard to sift through our hundreds of pics from the trip – but here are a few!

Tree Farm along the way

Very cool to see the field of trees. Straight, tidy rows. Numerous fields with baby trees up to these mature giants.IMG_0768

Western Seminary where Jason is going to school

Met a few of Jason’s colleagues and profs. Dr. DeYoung coming out with with a great book on June 1 – looks like it will be a good one!IMG_0826IMG_0835

Mount Tabor

Extinct volcano. That’s reassuring. :) A beautiful park with a great view of the city.IMG_0912 IMG_0913 IMG_0914  IMG_0945 IMG_0950 (This picture makes me smile…note Nick in the background.)

Tillamook Cheese Factory

I would love to make cheese someday. (Although Nick thinks I am crazy.) This cheese factory tour was OK – interesting, but only showed the last step of the process. I wanted to see the curds and whey! But it was free and we got to sample squeaky cheese at the end!IMG_0982

Oregon Coast

Brrr but beautiful. I love seeing the ocean and chasing the tide. Top it off with fresh chowder and seafood on the beach – lovely time.IMG_0992 IMG_1015

Pine State Biscuits

Mmmmm. Biscuits done right. Yes Jason – the Reggie Deluxe was everything you said it would be…and more.

IMG_1048 IMG_1052 IMG_1060

The Albina Press

Great coffee. Yes.IMG_1084 IMG_1089

Other highlights in Downtown Portland - Powell’s Books. Hive Modern. EWF Modern.

And last but not least….IKEA. Overwhelming, yes. But we made it out alive and with a few good bargains!

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  1. Oh my gosh, what beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you had a good visit to Portland. I enjoyed seeing every single photo!


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