Things in a Row

1.Apple Row2.Tea Tin Garden


Light Bulbs

4. Fresh eggs

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1. Apples apples in a row. Crisp goodness. apples

2. Garden on the mind. Why not bring it inside? Fun use for extra tea tins. tea tin garden

3. Light bulb simplicity. bare bulbs

4. Back on the farm. Scrambled sounds nice. fresh eggs

***Peddlers Station

Peddlers Station, 645 Custer Ave., Billings, MT 59102

By the way – last Saturday we rode our bikes down to a local antique shop called Peddlers Station (6th & Custer). We had never been there before, but when we walked in they mistook us for a couple that came in a year ago on their bikes and bought a chalkboard. Hmm…who could that have been, our good friends S & L perhaps? Hilarious!


Here is a picture I bought for $5 – and they even delivered it to our house! Awesome little store – must ride your bike there to visit.

Have a wonderful Saturday! Great day for a bike ride!


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