Spice Rack

Organizing the kitchen is always an adventure. It takes time to think about functionality of where to put things and how make make it “work”. I love my spices and I hate having to search and messy the rest of the spice stash just to find the right one. I used to keep all my spices laying horizontal in a drawer, but with this kitchen…drawers are limited. So are the cabinets, but I just had to donate one shelf to spices alone.

I know you can buy spice organizers at the store – always way more expensive than I think they should be. So I rigged up my own using leftover 2x4’s from the demo of walls. To make all the spice labels visible, I stacked 3 – 2x4’s in the back and one in the front. Cost - $0.00.

 101_8304      IMG_8608  


Spice rack. Done.


  1. What a great idea!! I think I'll steal it. I plan on having a drawer for spices when our kitchen is done- I was thinking that would be the way to go... but until then I am always moving them around... so now I need to find some misc. wood in the garage... :-)

  2. That was very creative and you can see them all so clearly! I was thrilled to have plenty of drawers in our new house...finally! This is our 4th home since being married and all had tiny kitchens but this one. I'm loving it!
    This ice skating also looks fun. I think it would have been fun for me if I had learned at an early age. Now I'm just afraid of getting hurt.

  3. Excellent DIYing on your part, Hanna. Love the picture of you afterward. Thumbs up!

  4. Nice- but I have wayyyy more than this. I have 3 shelves and on the 2 bottom ones, I have lazy susans (they are white plastic- from storables) and I put my BAKING spices on the bottom- cinnamon, anise, cloves, etc. On the upper 2- I put my COOKING spices- cumin, garlic, parsley. Some cross over but works for me. The top one is bigger bottles. I buy my spices from a bulk store and refill the small containers. My Mom alphabatizes hers!!!! too much for me.

  5. The first step to an organized kitchen is to formulate a plan and assemble the proper items. One of the most challenging aspects of kitchen efficiency is organizing spices. Many recipes require an assortment of spices. Good thing the Spice rack is invented.


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