Looking Back

2009 was filled with many challenges and many many blessings. Looking back, I am humbled by God’s provision and goodness. Here are a few key highlights:

  • Nick laid off in Seattle
  • 5 months of job searching
  • Employment! Destination Montana!
  • The big move
  • Fun summer with family and friends
  • Youth group leaders
  • Became homeowners!!!
  • Remodel rendezvous
  • Another move
  • Enjoying life in our new home!

My heart that is so grateful for all the blessings throughout the last year. It has brought us closer together in our marriage and has         reminded us to trust the Lord in all circumstances. He does  have a good plan in mind. We just need to be patient and willing to move where He leads. The door to Seattle was closed and the door to come back to MT was opened. We are now closer to family, involved in a great church, and reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Life if good. God is good.

2010. Bring it on.

1250512_old_dutch_farm_house<Photo courtesy of Stock.XCHNG>

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