I stink at blogging. I've written only two posts since May and have placed my thoughts and creativity on the back burner to simmer this summer. Simmering...over what is worth writing about.

I follow many blogs and find that some people have way to much time on their hands while others actually have sweet ideas for projects that are truly inspirational. (And I'm sure some have secret groups of elves to finish projects, take fascinating pictures, and write up detailed tutorials.)

I just need to jump in, feet first....splash a lot...and hopefully I can learn and help other young women be hospitable, frugal, and creative in the home and servants in a world where fast, fast, fast is the common theme. Fast food. Fast homes. Fast driving. Fast lives.

Lets slow down and take a look at the bigger picture.

Family. This weekend I spent some good quality time in Bozeman, MT with my siblings. I love them all so much! Bozeman is a beautiful place. Here are a few snaps of our time together:

"The Bite of Bozeman". Turkey legs...what a filling feast!

Beautiful area by Ted Turner's ranch. My sister and I hiked up Spanish Creek trail. Amazing.

We got drenched by rain on our way down, but Oh how refreshing and fun it was! It was fun visiting with my dear sister.
Have a blessed day!


  1. "I stink at blogging." Nah, I don't think so, Hanna! I love your theme of simmering over what is worth writing about. So, how DO we slow down? What is the first thing that we should do? I think people would like to slow down and have more peace in their lives but they don't know where to start. Love the photos!

  2. Another thought. For starters, you took some time off and spent it with family. I think it's all about making a choice to keep in touch rather than assume things are okay with your family. It's too easy to not communicate in our busy world but over time the result is a fragmented family, a fragmented society.

  3. So I did as you said and took a look at the bigger picure...And it's one of me picking a snuggie. Thanks. haha I suppose I deserve that for picking an unknown trail, hiking without direction, and laughing thunderclouds in the face...But it's all in good fun. Now I'm sick with the sniffles. It was either that hike, the jump in Lava Lake, or yet another rain-soaked hike later on. But like you said in your blog, "Jump in feet first...splash around alot, and hopefully I can learn..." I'm learning alright. I'm learning I love life, I love a life that takes your breath away.


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