From Scratch

I am attempting to start a compilation of my inspirations, projects, and ideas...from scratch.

My first inspiration is my dear mom. Whenever we go shopping, she usually proclaims, "Ah. Don't buy that; I can make it." From soap to chocolate cake to socks - she makes it from scratch. Starting from the raw ingredients, she taught me that most everything (except nylons) can be made at home. She now specializes in homemade soap using home-grown ingredients from their ranch in eastern Montana, called Pure Prairie Soap. It is amazing stuff. She is an amazing woman.


  1. Wow, Hanna! You're making me feel sort of famous today! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I just want to wish you well with your new blog. It will be a great forum for an exchange of ideas and projects. I look forward to many cool recipes, sewing projects, knitting projects, and maybe some good discussions in the future. I am tickled that you are using the name “Hannamades.” It so … YOU!

  2. BTW I"m liking the soap you gave us- I've been using the heart shaped one and Brian has been using the bigger one that had a dark side to it- don't remember what the scents were. I got some other soap from my aunt that is made with oils, but when I'm done I would really like some more - I would like to try using it with my homemade laundry soap, I have that on my blog if you search for it (b/c I'm too lazy to look it up and post a link). :-)


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